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In this demo we show all the workflow necessary for deploying and executing a RSP benchmark using RSPLab. In particular we will present the following steps:

1) Deployment and configuration of RDF Streams: we show how to deploy and configure the Streamer component in order to stream the included datasets. 2) Deployment and configuration of RSP Engines: we show how to deploy and configure the Consumer tier, with particular focus on the C-SPARQL and CQELS engines. 3) Continuous query of the streams and collection of the results: we show how to issue continuous queries to the streams using the programming interface. We use the included Python library that allow to fully control all the tiers included in RSPLab. In particular it allows to

The goal of this demostration is to explain how to use RSPlab effectively to observe changes in the engine dynamics. Indeed, we intend to exploit the assisted data visualization tools to show how each of the aforementioned steps impact on the systems performance.


[1] Tommasini, Riccardo, et al. “Heaven: A Framework for Systematic Comparative Research Approach for RSP Engines.” International Semantic Web Conference. Springer, Cham, 2016.